And The Fall Contest Winners Are…

Area 10 Contest-Winner

On Saturday, September 26, Area 10 held its Fall 2015 Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest. Several members competed, including: Mike Robinson (CSX), Amanda Dodd (Florida Blue), Bill Edwards (Bullmasters) and Rachel Wills (Toast To DB) in the Evaluation Contest; and Mike Robinson (CSX), Wally David (Toast To DB), Jim Shipsky (Florida Blue) and Jeannie Colon (Bullmasters) in the Humorous Speech Contest. Mike Robinson of CSX Toastmasters at Southpoint beat out the competition in both categories!

Mike Robinson will move on from the Area 10 Contest to compete in the:

Division A Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest

Sat., 10/10 (10:00a-12:00p)

Everbank Center Auditorium
301 West Bay Street, 2nd Floor
Jacksonville, FL 32202

$10.00 Registration Fee – Brunch provided

Doors Open at 9:00 a.m. (functionaries and committee teams 8:45 a.m.) If you are available to volunteer for the upcoming Division A contest, please contact Division A Fall Contest Chair, Area 14 Director Derek Lott.  You can also simply register for the event now!



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