Become A Club Coach (ALS)

Club Coach Program Requirements

A club coach is appointed by the district governor or lieutenant governor marketing to assist a club that is experiencing difficulties building and maintaining membership. The coach’s goal is to help the club become a Distinguished Club. Up to two coaches may be appointed to each club. The appointment lasts to June 30 of the current club year if the club becomes a Distinguished Club or better by that date, or to June 30 of the following year if Distinguished Club recognition or better is not reached in the current club year.

How To Rebuild A Toastmasters Club

The coach may not be a member of the club at the time of appointment, but may join the club after being assigned. The club must have 12 or fewer individuals who have paid for membership at the time of the appointment. A coach receives a pin upon assignment and a certificate upon successful completion of the assignment. A successful coach also receives credit toward the Advanced Leader Silver award.


Club Coach Program Flier

Club Coach Appointment Form

Club Coach Troubleshooting Guide

How To Rebuild A Toastmasters Club: A Step-By-Step Guide

Success 101: Achieve Success – Attract and Retain Members


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