Starting A Club

Toastmasters clubs meet at corporations, churches, colleges, community centers and even in restaurants. While community clubs are generally open to anyone, sponsored clubs are often limited to affiliates of the sponsor since the meeting location and some of the fees may be covered. If your organization is looking to build leaders from within, then now is the time to (find out how to sponsor a club) and why thousands already have.

To start a new club, follow these five steps:StartClub

Find at least 20 people over the age of 18 who want to join.
Designate and secure a meeting location.
Fill out and submit the requisite new club forms to World Headquarters.
Fill out the Start a Club form and request more information.
Download a copy of How to Build a Toastmasters Club, a step-by step guide to growing a successful club.

Applicable Fees:

$125: One-time chartering fee
$20: New-member fee per person
$36: Six months’ membership dues per person ($27 for clubs not in a district)
Additional dues: Clubs may also charge supplementary club dues to cover expenses.

CLUB COMPLIANCE: All Toastmasters clubs and members must be in compliance with the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control (also known as “OFAC”). OFAC administers sanction programs on countries based on foreign policy and national security. Therefore, Club Officers must take the requisite measures to ensure clubs are in compliance by following the OFAC guidelines such as checking for club members on the Specifically Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List (SDN) in non-comprehensive sanctioned countries. Find a list of countries here or contact us by email for further information.

For more information please contact Area 10 Director Eve Rojas, ACB, ALB at


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